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What is a pulsar?

We can see stars in the night sky
but we can hear them too!

Science Games

Online fun + learning = win!

Games require Adobe Flash Player. Get it.

Color illustration of a grid of nine toilets links to Adobe Flash game: Consptiation Concenration

Constipation Concentration

Learn some of the science behind the noises your body makes!

Grid of four coloured squares links to Adobe Flash game: Eyes Have it, or Do They

Eyes Have It. Or Do They?

Your eyes and brain can work together to make you see things that aren't there.

Illustration of car race track links to Adobe Flash game: Mouse Race

Mouse Race

What happens when using your computer mouse becomes less natural?

View all science games.

The KidSpark Explorer

Image map divideed into sections showing children playing in the exhibits featured in the KidSpark Project.

Online resources help you get the most out of your visit!

Download hands-on experiments and guides, watch videos, listen to podcasts and get tips on engaging young children in the fun of learning science!

Start exploring!

Inside Out

Color illustration portrait of Kevin von Appen links to Inside Out blog

Go behind the scenes.

Kevin von Appen, our Director of Science Communication, sheds light on the ins and outs of working in a science museum.






Research Live

Research Live logo links to Research Live

Your data makes a difference!

Take part in cutting-edge science! Visit the Ontario Science Centre and participate in real research studies— contribute, learn and meet the scientists. Find out more.